Media Player Classic Home Cinema Crack Free Download 2021

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Media Player Classic Home Cinema Crack Free Download 2021

Media Player Classic is an extremely lightweight media player for Windows. It looks just like Windows Media Player 6.4 but has many additional extra features. MPC has, for instance, a built-in DVD player with real-time zoom, support for AVI subtitles, QuickTime, and RealVideo support (requires QT and/or Real player). Also, it has a built-in MPEG2/SVCD/DVD codec.

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MPC also supports SVCD/CVD selectable subtitles and lots more. The best part about this Player is the ability to modify the filters when playing your favorite video files. This project is based on the latest source code from the original Guliverkli project. The modifications that have been made include library updates, some tweaks, and several bug fixes. Also has been fixed all known security vulnerabilities.

Changes in Media Player Classic

  • MPEG decoder: progressive frames fix
  • MPEG decoder: dsutil interlaced fix v2
  • dtsac3 source: support DD+
  • MPEG splitter: recognize AVCHD ac3 audio
  • MPEG splitter: sub pin bugfix
  • dtsac3 source: support DD+
  • VSFilter: clip bug v3 patch
  • VSFilter: fax fay v2 patch
  • FLV splitter: parsing fixes
  • VSFilter: font name length patch
  • VSFilter: floats patch
  • MPC: ffdshow queue support (1015/1222)
  • MPC: removed subtitle DB stuff
  • AVI splitter: fixed two vulnerabilities
  • MPC: Disable monitor power saving during playback on Windows Vista
  • MPC: auto-load subtitles option now also applies to embedded subs
  • FLIC source: fixed vulnerability
  • MPC: added the following extensions to formats list: .divx .hdmov .rmm .rnx
  • MPC: added two shaders: Levels (16-235 -> 0-255) and nightvision effect
  • Incremented a few version numbers.


The best things about Media Player Classic are actually its lightweight design and the small portable setup file of only 2.1 MB. Other advantages include:

  • The keyboard keys can control many functions like the left-right key makes the video go forward and backward on a single frame, ctrl + right/left  can skip a frame
  • Supports DVD playing with subtitles
  • Has a MPEG splitter for supporting subtitles
  • Can be integrated with any codec requiring it being installed in the system for a DirectShow feature
  • Fast decoding once the decoders have been installed.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema Crack Free Download 2021


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